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The VALINO GREEVA (Grip+Innovation) aimed to build the best tire for the grassroots drifting enthusiast. To achieve this goal of the best grassroots drifting competition tire the engineers developed this tire at the world famous Ebisu circuit. The tread pattern is designed specifically for heat dissipation under the abuse of hot lapping in tandem trains. The compound has been perfected by rigorous testing by Andrew Gray (Formula D Japan Champion) and Naoto Suenaga  (D1GP driver and member of Team Orange. Both veterans of the circuit, they provided valuable feedback on increasing grip and longevity. Through their feedback, the VALINO engineers were able to further refine the tread pattern and develop an innovative compound that can outlast the competition.  

The montra for the GREEVA  is "More fun and More life". This is achieved through its special compound for maximum tire life and a consistent grip through out its entire tread life. With its 11/32th tread depth the tire allows for lots of seat time for practice or just having fun with friends. Its tread pattern is also designed to allow for great heat dissipation to allow for more hot laps with friends in tandem trains. The pattern also removes straight edges to prevent the tread from chunking or de-laminating so that the driver can focus on driving and not the tire life. The compound's innovation is in the consistency in its grip from new to the core. The grip level is not only higher than most of the competitors in this segment, it also allows for great strength and wet traction. 

Driving on the VALINO GREEVA 08D will allow the driver to have fun with friends in tandem trains and give the driver confidence that the tire is consistent in its grip during competition. Having more fun and more life will be the experience of every GREEVA 08D driver. 

NOT FOR HIGHWAY USE: All VALINO tires including DOT labeled VALINO tires are designed for racing purposes only on specified racing surfaces and are not to be operated on public roadways. DOT labeled VALINO tires meet Department Of Transportation requirements for marking and performance only and are NOT INTENDED FOR HIGHWAY USE. It is unsafe to operate any VALINO tire including DOT tires on public roads. 



MORE Tough & MORE Life

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