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N999 Sayaka White

N999 Sayaka White

SKU: N9998.5J x 18 (offset+38) 5x114.3 White

A high-dimensional balance is achieved by considering weight reduction to the utmost without sacrificing high strength and high rigidity. On the stage where the world's leading drivers gather, in the world's leading competitions, the sole purpose of this is to demonstrate the best performance.


By adopting the "DST" flow forming method, which uses the latest equipment and man-hours, VALINO Bushou wheels are lightweight and strong enough to be called racing spec wheels. Light weight that contributes to machine performance, high strength that can withstand harsh usage conditions, and high rigidity that can handle large inputs. We offer an attractive lineup that combines the three elements required in a wheel.


JWL/VIA certified.

8.5J x 18 (offset+38) 5x114.3 White



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