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PERGEA 08R (200TW) 245/40R18

PERGEA 08R (200TW) 245/40R18

The PERGEA 08R is a 200 treadwear tire that is designed to provide overwelming grip to the driver. The PERGEA is avaliable in 3 selectable grip levels 08R(200TW), 08RS(160TW) and 08SP(140TW). This tire grip selectablity allows the driver to fine tune their custom racing/ drifting setup. The PERGEA tire also has a 11/32nd tread depth that will provide the driver with extended tire life.


    The PERGEA stands for "Perfect Gear"  developed with a concept of providing the competitor with the strongest structure and most innovative compound for hard battles on the track. Aiming to help the driver achieve victory in both wet and dry conditions, this tire was given attributes in  its tread design that both helped to dissipate water and heat alike. The tread design gives maximum contact patch while also maintaining structural integrity to prevent "chunking" or de-laminating/ separation of the tread from the body of the tire. The PERGEA was also given a 11/32nd tread depth to provide extended tire life so the driver can spend more time driving than changing tires. 

    The VALINO PERGEA was designed with the needs of the driver in mind. Thus it was tested by many world famous drifting drivers who do not hold back when pushing a tire to its limits. Drivers such as Andrew Gray (4 time Formula D Japan Series Champion),  D1GP driver Naoto Surenaga (member of Team Orange), D1GP driver Naoki Nakamura, D1GP driver Tetsuya Hibino, and D1GP Driver Katsuhiro Ueo have all been able to test the initial prototypes and have given their feedback on its strength and weaknesses. Listening to their feedback the VALINO engineers have further fine tuned and eliminated the weak points.  

    Designed for the sport of Drifting the enthusiasts behind VALINO have given it lots of grip, increased strength, innovative tread design, and extended life. These attributes will give the driver the perfect gear to achieve greatness in many different forms of Motorsports. Expect the best experience and performance on track when you have the PERGEA equipped for your drift/race car. 


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    (We do not ship on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.) 
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    * Shipping and Restocking fees may apply for returns due to ordering of the wrong size or compound. 

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$182.00Sale Price
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