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Pergea 08R (200tw) 255/40R17

Pergea 08R (200tw) 255/40R17

The Pergea 08R is a 200 treadwear tire that is designed to provide overwelming grip to the driver. The Pergea is avaliable in 3 selectable grip levels 08R(200TW), 08RS(160tw) and 08SP(140TW). This tire grip selectablity allows the driver to fine tune their custom racing/ drifting setup. The Pergea tire also has a 11/32nd tread depth that will provide the driver with extended tire life. 


    PERGEA has developed with the concept of the strongest high grip tire. Aiming at "winning" racing tire with all of the intense grip force, different dimension balance, overwhelming control performance, assumed the stage to fight from the basic development stage, active in D1 with Nakamura Naoki players active internationally and abroad Tetsuya Hibino's players repeatedly repeated the test repeatedly and was born to be trained thoroughly. Besides the basic development driver Nakamura Naoki and Hibino Tetsuya players , Kanehiro Utio who is active in D1 (D1 (D1)) is aiming to make it an extremely commercialized model using a selection of prototypes based on trial and error. The winner who wins "nationwide" at the circuit of the whole country by the selected driver who is active in the front line such as Andy player who is active in formula drift (FD 3 year consecutive champion).
    Naoto Nakamura who is active in D1 etc. I overcame the harsh test to release and it was completed. Please experience the ultimate performance by overwhelming VALINO PERGEA (VARINO PERGEA).


    * We will ship from our company or consigned warehouse only on weekdays. 
    (We do not ship on Saturdays and holidays.) 
    * Contract transport company basically becomes Meitetsu Transport. Others, 
    Seino Transportation, Sagawa Kyubin is available, but we can not accept your specification.

$222.00 Regular Price
$175.00Sale Price
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